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What I've Learned from Life's Changes | Mental Health Mondays

The Creative

I consider myself creative since birth, with my parents putting me in dance classes at 2. A natural performer, I found myself gravitating toward the spotlight in one way or another. I became involved in theater acting, rapping, creative writing, and hosting/interviewing (all before 21) which has ultimately led to videography and content creation. Creativity & connection is literally the air I exhale into the world and are a huge part of who I am. My Faith, combined with being a Black Queer woman, keeps me centered and motivates me to build this empire where we all can thrive. Staying true to myself and my craft has led to multiple opportunities within the insurance industry and entertainment space including film festivals, local television, and magazine features, to name a few.

my mission

To plant and nurture the seeds of love, liberation, and joy in my life as I encourage others to do the same. I am always learning new ways to live a better life.

My vision

I love using creativity, humor, and interpersonal skills to help others tap into their inner star. With God as my guide, I want to share fresh thought and perspective on inclusivity and how we can be better versions of ourselves.

that's okay too. #mentalhealthmatters

drink yo drink skit feat. fresco

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imposter syndrome

My latest Creative venture - Imposter Syndrome - is an interview series where I sit down with Creatives, Artists, and Entrepreneurs to discuss their journeys and the ways they combat imposter syndrome. Season 2 coming 2024!

watch season 1:

Kaishon Way Doesn't Seek Perfection, Only Results Imposter Syndrome Ep 1

Former Biologist, Malaika Muindi, Found Her Calling As a Photographer

Imposter Syndrome Ep 4

Michelle Martinez is Filling Up All Her Blank Pages

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Fresco Is Having Fun As a Full-Time Creative

imposter syndrome Ep 2

Shelly Ferrell Is Fulfilled as a Multi-Hyphenate Creative Imposter Syndrome Ep 3

Javee Thanks His Community for Keeping Him Creative

Imposter Syndrome Ep 6

Daryl Stewart Is Taking the Stairs to His Success Imposter Syndrome Ep 7

Ka'Bre "KMonaeFierce" Pursues Her Jersey Girl Dreams

Imposter Syndrome Ep 8 (Season 1 Finale)

The Videographer

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I purchased my first camera in December 2016 and haven't looked back. Being a self-taught content creator evolved into owning my production company, Limitless Visions. As the Creative Director, I work with artists, entrepreneurs, and brands to bridge the gap between their idea and DOPE visual content.

My passion for storytelling and connection drives Limitless Visions to offer a variety of services ranging from script writing to videography/photography to post-production editing. Watch our intro video & visit our website for to learn more about our services!



Portrait of Woman in Office

Strength Faith Courage: Conquering Lupus (2019)

My 1st short film featuring my best friend Zshamani and her loved ones as they navigate her Lupus diagnosis.

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Ethnic woman sitting at table with graphics tablet

Psych Nah, I Am NOT My Mental Illness


My 2nd film follows the stories of 4 Black adults who have struggled with their mental health.

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A Man in a Black Sweater Sitting on a Chair

Oh, Black Woman


In 2019, I wrote a poem admiring the complexities and beauty of Black Women. In 2020, I transformed the poem into an interview series & short film.

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The Advocate

Mental Health

I am a fierce mental health advocate who uses my story and platform to break the stigma surrounding mental health. This has led to speaking on various panels, a short film, and interviews with mental health professionals.

People Crowd Colorful Pattern.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

My passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion has blossomed into leadership roles within the insurance industry. Combining this passion with my public speaking & networking skills, I engage with other professionals to present timely conversations and bring awareness to topics and communities often underprivileged or under-served.

Raised Fists of Diverse Group of People

Collective Liberation

Collective liberation recognizes that numerous oppressions exist, and that working with each other in solidarity is necessary to achieve a world that is truly free. I believe our diverse identities and experiences give us the tools to dismantle systems of economic, political, and social oppression, and to create a world in which all people are seen as fully human.

Ref: People & Plant Organization

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