5 Quick [Written] Tips For Visiting Annoying Family Members During The Holidays (And Beyond)

Do you dread family gatherings because everyone is annoying to deal with? Here’s how to make your visits bearable (without being sedated). The holidays are literally on our doorsteps with Christmas being a few days away. Aside from the usual stress of buying gifts (and going broke buying them), there comes anxiety and burden when visiting family. Some […]

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Get Your Life: Holding On To Past Emotions (Emotional Hoarders)

Are you holding on to emotional baggage? You need to Get Your Life! For today’s topic, Diandra Marie decides to talk about emotional hoarders. She explains emotional hoarding as carrying the weight of past negative feelings in present time. Usually, these hoarders “forget” or “block out” certain feelings they don’t want to deal with. Instead of moving forward, they […]