Ronald Draper Expresses His Love For Art & Supporting the Community

Diandra Marie sits down with NAACP Award Winning artist, Ronald Draper, to discuss his work & impacting the lives of others.

Diandra Marie visits The Draper Space in the Bronx, New York to meet with Ronald Draper. The Harlem born and bred artist shares how his upbringing has translated into his pieces being bold and bright. He also mentions that his work as an artist is never for recognition. Ronald believes it’s more important to impact others doing what you love. Being a recipient of a NAACP Award, he explains what the honor means most to him. Diandra Marie then sparks the conversation of Ronald’s work in the community. Since he works with the Harlem Hospital & The Eagle Academy for Young Men, Ronald has first-hand knowledge on helping others. Also, he has co-created Take Care of Harlem which is an initiative to aid Harlem residents who face the downside of gentrification. Ronald makes it clear that he does all of his work with love as his motivation. He encourages others to contribute their passion to the world which can change the lives of others. Watch the full interview below:

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