You’re Gonna Regret This: Shading In Our Shades (Taylor Swift) & People Who Don’t Grow

Wear your shades with Diandra Marie and Rolonda as they “come for” Taylor Swift & discuss people who don’t grow.

To Diandra Marie’s surprise, Rolonda starts this episode wearing her Collinsville Sunglasses, ready to throw shade at singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Due to the release of her new song and video “Look What You Made Me Do,” Rolonda wanted to share her reaction. She feels that Taylor Swift is known for playing the victim and her new #1 single is no different. Diandra agrees and also points out where Miss Swift’s “diss song” falls short. This sparks another conversation though, and the topic becomes people who don’t grow. Both Diandra and Rolonda believe that personal growth is crucial to moving forward in life, regardless of status. Put on your shades and watch the full episode below:

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