You’re Gonna Regret This: “Swift-ly To The Alt-Right” & Playing Both Sides Of the Fence

Rolonda goes for Round 2 against Taylor Swift, this time for not taking a stance with the Alt-Right. Diandra Marie thinks Miss Swift might be “about this paper” and wants to secure the bag.

Diandra Marie and Rolonda waste no time talking about Taylor Swift warning legal action against Meghan Herning. Herning recently penned an article calling Swift to denounce the Alt-Right (white supremacists) who call her their Aryan goddess. While Swift has yet to take an actual stance on their praise, Rolonda feels it’s overdue. Diandra agrees, believing that keeping it real is always the best policy. This leads to Diandra and Rolonda calling out those who play both sides of the fence. Even though most want to play it safe by never taking a side, it lacks authenticity.  Diandra challenges those people to evaluate themselves in order to come to a decision. Rolonda adds that changing your mind is a part of growth, but not when you’re trying to win interest in opposing sides.

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