You’re Gonna Regret This: Surviving Life’s Transitions

Feeling the pressure of life’s transitions? Join Diandra Marie and Rolonda as they figure out how to survive their own!

surviving life's transitions

Diandra Marie and Rolonda spend their time talking all about life’s transitions. Since they are both in the uncomfortable stage that comes with transitioning, they decide to share their struggles with the Regretter Nation. Rolonda explains how she copes with transferring to a new school and the additional heavy workload. On the other hand, Diandra expresses how working on her brand is becoming discouraging. Each getting a turn on the soapbox, Diandra and Rolonda laugh through the pain and keep each other encouraged. To prevent themselves from going crazy, they remind themselves transitions are necessary for growth (and drop other gems too).


Want to laugh (to keep from crying) through your life transition? Watch this episode of You’re Gonna Regret This below:

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