You’re Gonna Regret This: The POWER of Saying NO

Diandra Marie and Rolonda declare Times Up Now & what they’re saying “NO” to in 2018.

the power of saying no

As we are 2 weeks into 2018, Diandra Marie and Rolonda decide to live the mantra “New Year, New Us”. While they have strayed from controversial topics, they call out the creeps behind sexual harassment and abuse. For those living under the hugest rock ever, since October 2017, both women and men working in entertainment came forth with stories of misconduct within the industry. As time progressed, people working outside the entertainment business also shared personal stories of sexual abuse by their bosses. The combination sparked Times Up which addresses inequality and injustice in the workplace that widely affects underrepresented groups.

Being that Diandra and Rolonda are members of these “underrepresented groups,” they publicly take a stand.  They talk about the power of saying no and meaning it. Both women give scenarios where it is okay to stand your ground and decline certain invitations. Rolonda talks about saying no to a former boss and what led to the decision. Diandra reveals how her cheating past led to one of her exes saying no to rekindling their relationship. Naming 2018 “The Year Of No,” they confess what they are saying no to this year.

What are you saying no to in 2018?

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Visit Times Up to learn about their initiative to end workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, abuse and how you can help.
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