You’re Gonna Regret This: Aint Nobody Got Time For That & 2018 Resolutions

Diandra Marie & Rolonda don’t have time for net neutrality, but they have plenty of time for 2018 resolutions!

YGRT: Aint Nobody Got Time For That & 2018 Resolutions

To end the year with a bang, Diandra Marie and Rolonda play “Aint Nobody Got Time For That”. The rules of the game are simple: randomly choose a trending topic and rant about it for 30 seconds. Topics include the repeal net neutrality and Omarosa fired [again] by Donald Trump. While they appreciate being able to throw shade, Diandra and Rolonda switch gears and share their 2018 resolutions. They discuss what they are leaving behind, but their Black Girl Magic will be in full effect for the New Year.

Watch Diandra & Rolonda race against the clock and reveal their resolutions:

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