You’re Gonna Regret This: Celebrating Love, Hating On Other People’s Love, & Love Is The Answer

Diandra Marie & Rolonda celebrate Gucci Mane and Cardi B while dropping plenty of gems about love.

Diandra Marie and Rolonda start the episode by expressing their happiness for rap artists Gucci Mane and Cardi B. Despite Gucci Mane and Cardi B’s constant blessings this year, their haters have been clawing at their relationships. This leads to Diandra and Rolonda talking about the people who hate on other people’s love. Instead of celebrating the happiness of other people, they notice that haters do the exact opposite. Since they are a part of the “No Haters Club,” Diandra and Rolonda share knowledge about loving your own life. Rolonda mentions that being grateful plays a huge role in wanting happiness for others. Diandra expands on that idea, noting that being grateful leads to a humble attitude. She even makes a controversial declaration that love is, in fact, the answer to life’s hardships. Her and Rolonda agree that creating and preserving a loving atmosphere has changed their outlook on life. Whether you agree or think they’re crazy, there are plenty of gems Diandra and Rolonda drop for free.

Watch them “read” the love haters on You’re Gonna Regret This:

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