You’re Gonna Regret This: Language Matters!

Diandra Marie getting BLOCKED on Instagram shows her and Rolonda that verbal & non-verbal language matters.

ygrt-language matters

Diandra Marie starts the show already filled with regret. A recent miscommunication got her blocked on Instagram by one of her followers. Diandra realizes that language matters when it comes to how we speak to one another. How we interpret messages (verbally and non-verbally) ultimately has an effect on how we connect with one another. Diandra and Rolonda compare the meaning of Cardi B’s “Bartier Cardi” lyrics to Beyonce’s “Partition” & “Drunk In Love”. They discuss how the public can be quick to shoot the messenger without giving real thought to the message. While language matters, Diandra brings up the point that public approval of certain words are constantly changing. A word that might be acceptable to use today can be completely offensive tomorrow. With this in mind, Rolonda advocates for being patient, so we can learn how to appropriately address each other. As Diandra tells another story of how language matters, she quickly catches herself making yet another mistake *slaps forehead*.


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