You’re Gonna Regret This: Judging Books By Their Covers & Would You Rather Part 2

Diandra Marie & Rolonda discuss the reality of judging books by their covers, then play Would You Rather (again).

Diandra Marie starts the episode by telling Rolonda about her experience at the Mad Liberation music festival. She explains that the 2 day event gave her the opportunity to try new things, like vegan food and yoga. Although Diandra was out of her element, she admits Mad Liberation was one for the books. This sparks the conversation of judging books by their covers. Rolonda and Diandra agree that covers are necessary, but it should not determine how one treats someone else. Rolonda shares how people wrongly judge that she likes to go out while Diandra is wrongly judged as a player. Ironically, they decide to judge celebrities by their covers and play Would You Rather (again). With choices like Amber Rose, Pretty Ricky, and Shonda Rhimes, Diandra and Rolonda make the game very interesting. Watch the full episode below:

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