You’re Gonna Regret This: Dealing With Rejection & Do’s And Don’ts of Rejection

Diandra Marie & Rolonda share their feelings on rejection and how to deal (and not deal) with it.

Diandra Marie starts this episode of You’re Gonna Regret This by sharing with Rolonda her feelings of rejection. While she hasn’t been chasing down anyone, Diandra feels like her recent “connections” have led nowhere. Being a good friend, Rolonda decides to share a story of when she was rejected. After revealing the plot twist, she also shares how she handled the rough situation. Then, both Diandra and Rolonda decide to give do’s and don’ts of dealing with rejection. While Diandra seems to approve a lot of the “don’ts,” her and Rolonda give advice to “do you boo” for those who find their hotlines not blinging. Watch the entire episode below:

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