Netflix & Chill: Valentine’s Day Picks (Lovesick, Grace And Frankie, & Black Mirror)

Diandra Marie & Taylor give their Netflix watch list for Valentine’s Day and put the “Black” in Black Mirror!


With Cupid’s arrow taking aim for Valentine’s Day Diandra Marie and Taylor give Netflix recommendations focused on relationships. Taylor first talks about Lovesick, a British sitcom that managed to score 100% approval on Rotton Tomatoes. While he enjoys the storyline of the show, Taylor makes it clear that the jokes will have you in tears. Following with another hit show, Diandra reviews Grace & Frankie, which star acting legends Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. She mentions that Grace & Frankie has the perfect balance of realness and humor.  Diandra even convinces Taylor to watch an episode (since the season 3 cover photo made him stay away). For those who believe Syfy is the way to their heart, Diandra and Taylor agree that Black Mirror is the way to go. Described as a coming of age Twilight Zone, Diandra compares the Netflix original to Jordan Peele’s Get Out. While it is a change of pace for them, they can’t deny that Black Mirror keeps them fully engaged. Make sure you snuggle up with your boo (or body pillow) on Valentine’s Day and give these shows a try!

Watch Diandra and Taylor rate Lovesick, Grace And Frankie, & Black Mirror:

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