Netflix & Chill: Stranger Things, American Vandal, Big Mouth, & Atypical

Not sure what to watch on Netflix? Let Diandra Marie and Taylor help you (don’t worry, no spoilers)!

Netflix & Chill-Stranger Things

Netflix & Chill is a web show where Diandra Marie and her best friend, Taylor, recap and review content on Netflix. Today, Taylor mentions things have been very “strange” since the season 2 of Stranger Things is now streaming. He explains the show to Diandra, who has never watched an episode, and gives a no brainer 5 star rating. To hide her embarrassment, Diandra switches to American Vandal. While they both still don’t know #WhoDrewTheDicks, they can both agree the show gets a solid 4.5 rating. Diandra then brings up another trending Netflix show, Big Mouth. This is an adult cartoon about the ins and outs of dealing with puberty. Though Diandra is a huge fan of this genre, she couldn’t get into it and rates it 3 stars. For their final recommendation, Diandra and Taylor agree on Atypical. Both feel the show is funny and insightful which is why it gets 5 stars.

Watch Diandra Marie and Taylor talk Stranger Things, American Vandal, Big Mouth, & Atypical below:

New episode Sunday, Nov. 26th @ 6pm!

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