Netflix & Chill: Neo Yokio, Punisher, Friends From College, & Glow

Take a trip to Neo Yokio with Diandra Marie & get “superhero” excited with Taylor about Punisher. Link up with your Friends From College & Glow up while watching Netflix & Chill! *Disclaimer: NO SPOILERS*

On today’s episode of Netflix & Chill, Diandra Marie has a desire to visit Neo Yokio for the holidays. For those, like Taylor, who are unaware, Neo Yokio is an anime show currently on Netflix. Jaden Smith has the lead role of Kaz Kaan, who is a demon slayer living in an alternate/futuristic world of New York. While Diandra is not a constant viewer of the anime genre, she appreciates the storyline of Neo Yokio. She goes on to rate it 5/5 stars and recommends to new and existing fans of anime. On the other hand, Taylor decides to talk about a subject he highly enjoys–superheroes. Since the new Marvel/Netflix Original recent premiere of Punisher, Taylor has already watched the entire 1st season. He explains to Diandra what the Punisher’s actual superpower is (and it’s not X-Ray vision). Coming from a “superhero guy,” Taylor speaks highly of Punisher and even thinks it’s the best Marvel show he’s seen.

Diandra then admits to watching another show recommended by Taylor which is Friends From College. Starring Keegan-Michael Key, viewers journey through the untold secrets of college-turned-lifelong friends, 20 years post-graduation. Diandra and Taylor recommend Friends From College to those in between shows, giving it a 3.5/5 rating. For their final recommendation, both agree upon Glow (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). While Glow has been on Netflix since the summer, the storyline and message of the series continue to make it a must watch. Whether you’re looking for some empowerment or want to see women learn how to fake wrestle, Glow caters to a variety of audiences.

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