Netflix & Chill: Chewing Gum, The Hatred, & She’s Gotta Have It

Diandra Marie and Taylor talk about Nola’s “lovin’ bed” and which movie will get you “Netflix & Chill” results!

Diandra Marie & Taylor decide to switch things up a bit and rate shows that are not new to Netflix. To start off, Diandra talks about Chewing Gum, which originally airs in the UK. Since the show will be gearing up for season 3, she reveals if it’s worth the watch. Taylor then chimes in with The Hatred, a scary movie that he found far from scary. While it may not be his favorite, he confirms the movie will get you some love from your boo. If you’re already in your lovin’ bed, Diandra and Taylor recommend watching She’s Gotta Have It.  In Spike Lee’s series version of the original movie, Nola has an additional suitor, to Diandra’s liking. Taylor addresses the slight parallel between She’s Gotta Have It and Issa Rae’s Insecure but defends the Spike Lee joint.

Watch Diandra and Taylor rate Chewing Gum, The Hatred, and She’s Gotta Have It!

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