Mad Liberation Music Festival Makes A Survivor Out of Diandra Marie

Diandra Marie camps by herself and enjoys the vibes of the Mad Liberation Music Festival.
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Diandra Marie makes her way to Hammonton, New Jersey to experience Mad Liberation 2017. Mad Liberation is a 3 day music festival, taking place on camp grounds, with multiple stages to watch performances. Festival-goers set up tents and come prepared to hear over 90 musical performances for 12+ hours per day. Most of the acts are from New Jersey, making the festival more personal and “home-like”. Since this is Diandra’s first time camping, she has a lot to learn in a short amount of time.
One of the first things she learns is surviving in a thunderstorm. While listening to Conundrum, the heavens open and pour raining, to the point where performers had to leave the stages. The storm did not stop the festival, though. Other musical acts and attendees play their own instruments under a shed-like area until the lightning stops. Even in the rain, Diandra is able to enjoy Brain Orchestra, Big Beat, and Tigerman throughout the night. If that isn’t enough, the DJs spinning in the Cathlor Marmot House (aka “stage number 4”), give Mad Liberation a house party vibe.
The gloomy weather leads to beautiful skies the following morning, along with more music and good energy. Diandra decides to catch up with neighborhood friend Kalani Mackson, who is one of the creators of Mad Liberation. He explains the tedious work that goes into planning and running a festival. Then, Diandra quiets her “inner chaos” by taking the group yoga class led by Courtney La Morte. Courtney breaks down her theme of deep listening and why she believes it’s important to every day life.
During the course of her day, Diandra hears a range of music genres, thanks to the diverse music lineup. Some of her favorites were Shred Flintstone, The Kadian Quartet, & MC Enigma. Diandra then chats with Vinnie, owner of Self Love, a vegan food truck based in southern New Jersey. He clarifies the process of making their Crispy Tenders, which Diandra was able to try (and enjoy) the night before. Though Diandra covers 1 full day of Mad Liberation, it’s clear to see the festival is worth a try. She is outside of her comfort zone, but fit very easily due to the fun and liberating energy. Still not sure if camping music festivals are for you? Watch the video below to see Mad Liberation for yourself:

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