Kia Comedy Keeps Diandra Marie Cracking Up!

Diandra Marie & Kia Comedy

Diandra Marie sits down with the hilarious Kia Comedy as they discuss the difference between being funny and writing for stand up as well as what type of topics she chooses to add some humor to. Kia also shares her experiences being heckled and how she handles them. Diandra Marie inquires about Kia’s published writing and what qualities of a partner it takes to be with an entertainer.

Kia even opens to discuss what it was like coming out to her family as a lesbian and how they were all able to grow from that experience. Diandra Marie also asks Kia how she feels about various states trying to pass bills to discrimination against the LGBT community and how she feels about the progression of gay characters in mainstream TV shows.

Kia then breaks down how she can take a serious current event and turn it into comedy gold that everyone wants to laugh to. Lastly, Kia lets all the viewers know what’s coming up next and even have some heartfelt words for Diandra Marie before closing out with some interview bloopers.

Watch all 3 parts below:

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