Gizzle Talks Her Beginnings, Writing, & Staying True to Herself with Diandra Marie

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Diandra Marie Interviews Grammy Nominated Gizzle

Some time ago, Diandra Marie had the opportunity to sit down with Grammy nominated, multi-platinum song writer and artist Gizzle. She tells Diandra Marie about growing up in South Central Los Angeles and how it led to writing. She also informs Diandra Marie on the different creative processes of battle rapping and writing a song. Gizzle then explains the shift in the music industry when she was first offered a record deal at age 17.

In Part 2, Gizzle gives Diandra Marie her perspective on writing songs for other artists. Then, she discloses what it’s like working with Diddy personally and professionally on “Money Making Mitch.” The “You Could Be My Lover” rapper also describes her song writing process and lack of originality in today’s music.

In Part 3 of the interview, Diandra Marie asks the self proclaimed “Zen Thug” if she’s ever faced any pressure to be someone she is not. Gizzle explains she has always been true and authentic to who she is regardless of what anyone else asked for. Gizzle also talks about what she is currently working on and how to keep up with all of her new and upcoming projects.

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