Get Your Life: People Who Agree With Everything Their Friend Says/Does (Yes Men)

Do you constantly agree with your friend to stay on their good side? You’re falling into the “Yes Men” trap and need to Get Your Life!

Diandra Marie decides to talk about those who go against how they feel just to agree with someone else. She uses the term “Yes Man,” which describes someone always saying ‘yes’ or being in agreement, even when they are not. An example of this behavior is telling a friend they are a top caliber rapper when you think the opposite. Diandra also realizes Yes Men may be too afraid to cause friction in their friendships, leading them to constant agreement. She encourages them to “keep it 100” with their friends so they can show signs of improvement. In order to make progress as human beings, we all have to endure hearing the truth instead of ‘yes’. Diandra’s advice to Yes Men is to rethink any “friendship” where honesty is not at the foundation. Watch the full episode of Get Your Life below:

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