Petty People Need To Get Their Lives For The Holidays (And All Days)

This Christmas, don’t give the gift of petty. Let Diandra Marie point you in the right direction by telling you to Get Your Life!

get your life-petty people

For the final Get Your Life episode of 2017, Diandra Marie calls out the petty people. Diandra describes petty as one who is ready to start a war because someone looked at them the wrong way. While that already describes certain political powers, she mentions all the reasons why they need to Get Their Lives. Instead of spending energy worried about minor situations, boss up and make Money Moves like Cardi B. Flattening tires (make sure you only flatten 3 instead of 4) is not going to bring your ex back. Let’s all be great, pay our bills, and not bring pettiness into the New Year.

Petty people, don’t be like the Grinch who stole Christmas. Get Your Life instead:

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