Get Your Life: People Who Are Always Negative (Negative Nancy)

Are you constantly being a Negative Nancy, even when positive things happen to you? You need to Get Your Life!

On today’s episode, Diandra Marie decides to talk about those who are always negative (aka Negative Nancy). No matter how good life is to them, Negative Nancies choose to focus on the bad times. Diandra mentions one side of negativity where someone might decide that the world is ending because of a sad news story. She also describes Negative Nancies as never being positive or optimistic even when great things happen in their lives. As a result, Diandra shares that it takes extra energy to interact with negative people on a constant basis. She suggests being more like Spongebob Squarepants instead of Squidward Tentacles. If you are a Negative Nancy and want to continue having people in your life, you have to Get Your Life! Watch the full video below:

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