Dating Women All Wrong? You Need To Get Your Life!

Asking a woman to “Netflix & Chill” as a date? Get Your Life! Let Diandra Marie give you tips on dating women so you can get lucky in 2018.

get your life: dating women 101

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and plenty of people gearing up for that special date night. While some are experts at wooing and finessing, there are countless others who are clueless when it comes to dating women. Being a woman (and dating them) Diandra Marie puts on her cape to save those who wonder why they can’t get a text back. Whether you’re approaching a woman saying “yo ma” or trying to get a kiss, it’s time to Get Your Life! Dating women can be tough, but let Diandra help you score a second date (or at least keep you from getting slapped).

Learn some of the NO’s when it comes to dating women so you can Get Your Life:

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