Get Your Life: People Who Are Full Of Themselves & “Know It All” (Big Ego & Arrogant)

Is your ego so big that you become arrogant and think you don’t need improvement? You need to Get Your Life!

Diandra Marie decides to combine two related topics for today’s Get Your Life. She finds that a person with a big ego can eventually turn into being arrogant. Diandra mentions that money and status can always be taken away quicker than it was obtained. Having a number of accomplishments or social status does not make one person more important than another. When someone is full of themselves, they overlook areas that need to get better. Diandra gives the example of an arrogant singer who refuses to practice their scales because they have a big ego. In the end, she suggests being (and remaining) humble, which encourages others to compliment you, instead of always complimenting yourself. Watch the full episode below:

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