Get Your Life: People Who Belittle Others

Do you put other people down, or belittle them, so you can feel good about yourself? You need to Get Your Life!

For today’s topic, Diandra Marie decides to talk about people who belittle others. She mentions that belittling is the “adult” form of bullying. As with most bullies, when a person puts someone else down, they may be dealing with their own insecurities. Diandra even compares belittling to crabs in a barrel–once someone else climbing to the top, they want to pull them down. Instead of striving to be a better person, people who belittle others want everyone to be on their level. Diandra also notices that people use their power as an excuse to make others feel small. To combat that perspective, she reminds viewers what goes up must come down. In the end, Diandra suggests adding value to yourself in order to advance instead of belittling others. Watch the episode below:

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