Get Your Life: People Who “Support” Trends For Likes/Attention (Bandwagoners)

Are you only “loyal” to trending topics on social media for personal recognition? Sounds like you’re joining the bandwagoners and need to Get Your Life!

Diandra Marie spends this episode talking about those who “jump on the bandwagon” for personal gain. While the term bandwagoners is mostly used referring to sports, Diandra includes anyone who “supports” trending topics for attention. By blindly following a trend, bandwagoners aren’t completely sure what their supporting. Instead of voicing their concerns to help a cause or movement, they just want recognition for doing so. Diandra mentions that some bandwagoners are walking contradictions. They might voice their support of Colin Kaepernick, but also continue to support the NFL. Diandra suggests being sincere when taking a stance. It’s great to speak out online, but not sharing that same sentiment in person makes bandwagoning pointless. Diandra stresses that following through on actions is more important than shallow words.

Watch the full episode of Get Your Life below:

New episode of Get Your Life December 7th @ 8pm!

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