Diandra Marie’s 5 Quick Tips: Working With People You Don’t Like

Does your boss give you THEIR work to do? Have a coworker that won’t stop talking your ear off? Let Diandra Marie give you 5 Quick Tips on working with people you DON’T like!

For the first episode of “Diandra Marie’s 5 Quick Tips,” she gives advice on working with people you dislike. If anyone has ever tried their luck at “adulting,” a catty boss or annoying coworker is a part of life. Instead of letting them get the best of us, Diandra Marie shares tips that can lead to tolerable days. For example, if your boss dumps a load of work on your desk, grin and bear it so you can remain professional. For those who have distracting coworkers, keep yourself busy in hopes that they will leave you alone. Regardless of your boss/coworker pet-peeves, Diandra is able to deliver a practical guide everyone can learn from.

Watch the first episode of Diandra Marie’s 5 Quick Tips below:

Written List of Tips For Working With People You DON’T Like
5. Grin & Bear It
4. Stay Busy So You Don’t Get Distracted
3. Relax When You’re Not At Work
2. Do Your Best & Remain Professional
1. Never Say How You REALLY Feel

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