Diandra Marie’s 5 Quick Tips: Living On A Budget

Is being an adult and paying bills making you low on extra money? Let Diandra Marie give you 5 Quick Tips on how to live on a budget!

This episode of Diandra Marie’s 5 Quick Tips is for anyone who feels they are struggling financially. No matter how long you’ve been paying bills, there are times where money is tight and you have to budget. Diandra gives tips that can make the struggle feel less miserable, since she knows how real it can be. For example, embracing the struggle and making a few adjustments can help one avoid more debt. Diandra even gives suggestions on ways to save and make money to relieve the heavy load of paying bills. While living on a budget can be difficult, Diandra gives tips that can be useful to everyone.

Watch Diandra Marie’s 5 Quick Tips on Living On A Budget:

List of Tips for Living On A Budget:
5. Know your exact inflow and outflow of money
4. Prepare for the struggle
3. Try to SAVE
2. Don’t try to keep up with your friends
1. Stick with it!
BONUS TIP: DO NOT overuse your credit cards

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